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Made-to-measure finance

Versatile products and tailored solutions

We operate risk-based pricing, processing and underwriting. On every single case, we take your clients' needs into account, look at their circumstances in the context of the bigger picture, and respond appropriately. The result is longer-term property finance that speaks your language, from people you can speak to.

How Amicus Commercial Mortgages work

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You contact the team

Our specialist team will review the case to see if we can structure a deal to suit.


You receive a request for the information needed to underwrite the transaction

Requests can vary depending on the nature of the case. They always include application forms, proof of income, proof of deposit and a rationale for the lending, unless these items have already been supplied. We endeavour bundle everything into a single request, so you can your client know the full extent of our requirements at the earliest opportunity.


We receive the fully packaged case for underwriting and valuation instruction

When we receive all the requested information, we assess it. If it all meets our expectations, a valuer will be instructed. If any of the information isn't as expected, we talk to our broker to try and mitigate any issues.


We receive the valuation and issue the offer letter. Solicitors are instructed

Once we have the valuation report, we issue a formal offer letter. In the event of material differences between the valuer's report and our expectations, we confer with our broker to see if we can still structure a deal that works. On receipt of the commitment feed, we instruct our solicitors.


All legal and underwriting queries are satisfied. Funds are released

Our solicitor contacts the client's solicitor to request all the appropriate information and liaise about the completion date. Once all queries are satisfied, we release the funds.